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Do you develop websites and would like to find the perfect CMS for rapid implementation? Use Just-CMS! We have developed a catalog of our partners who develop sites on Just-CMS. Based on how many projects you develop, and on how many reviews you receive, you will advance through the catalog where you can be found faster.

Accommodation in the catalog is absolutely free. Also, we do not charge any commissions for your work with us. The main condition for cooperation is to pass a test on the knowledge of the engine and how to work with it, and place links on the sites on which system the site is designed to be added to the catalog of your implementations. Also, on your personal site or website of your studio there should be a link to the website of the system indicating that you are our partner (optional):

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If the customer needs technical support and you can not solve the problem yourself, we are ready to support you with a discount of up to 50% on the partner program, depending on your level.

There are several levels:

1. Business partner
You told about yourself and we posted a link to you that you are ready to develop sites based on Just-CMS. Discount for technical support for each project is 10%.

2. Bronze Partner
The business partnership exam has been successfully passed, and you are implementing Just-CMS, selling our technical support. After reaching 10 sales, you become a bronze partner. Discount for support is 20%.

3. Silver partner
Competence is available when you reach 30 sales.

4. Gold Partner
Competence is available when you reach 50 sales.

The introduction of Just-CMS without the sale of support is accounted for in the catalog, but not taken into account in the competences.

Also, for our partners, we are ready to develop the necessary plug-ins and components, as well as site templates. If you have a business and you would like to find a contractor for permanent development - we are also ready to help you by choosing the best option from the list of active partners.

To participate in the partnership program, please contact us. In the letter, send a link to the site of your studio and tell us about yourself. We will add you to the catalog and send you a link to the affiliate test.

Download the latest version of the system and enjoy the ease of development and site management!
View the catalog of works based on our system. Just-CMS is suitable for both business card sites and sites of small organizations, as well as for single-page websites, promotional and corporate websites!
Just-CMS is distributed completely free under the GNU / GPL v3 license. You can ask any questions and get technical support using the contact details indicated on contact page.


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