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Simplest content management system in ever!
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    Make your website or blog fast and easy!
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    Save your time and money on making website for your company!


Just-CMS is a free, convenient and secure content management system for sites, which is suitable for small business card sites and corporate sites. The product contains many advantages, for example, there is no need to use databases, since all information is stored in XML-files. In addition, the system contains a convenient and intuitive system of administration, which allows you to manage the site without any knowledge in the field of web development.

Just-CMS is developed on the basis of CMS Get Simple, and is distributed under the license of GNU \ GPL v3. It already contains all the necessary components for the rapid deployment of your representation on the global network!

On this site you will find everything about our system, you can download it for review and use, as well as study materials and guides for working with Just-CMS! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us on the Contacts page.


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