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Many site developers are faced with the fact that they select one or more content management systems for future developments. Some people invent a bicycle and develop their system. Nevertheless, for many years there is a huge number of ready-made engines that you can use, while there are both paid and free solutions. Our solution is fast, stable, safe and free.

Advantages of Just-CMS:

MySQL is not needed. You simply install the system on any hosting and work with the site without using a database server. All data is stored in XML files, which makes the system fast and safe.

The simplest control. Now you do not need to study the admin area and spend hours reading the manuals. Here everything is at hand - even a child will understand!

Backup of data. You can roll back any action, and also save the backup site at any time. Then it will be enough to roll back if any changes are made incorrectly.

Install in a couple of clicks. Download the archive from the CMS to the hosting, unpack it into the desired folder, go to the website address and click on the next. Then enter the login and the address of your email, as well as the name of the site. Done!

Templates. There is nothing easier to create a theme for our engine! You can both create and install a template from scratch, and localize the finished HTML / CSS template.

And this is not all the advantages!

Read the introductions and evaluate the scale of using Just-CMS! For developers, we have a special offer: Partners.

If you want to support the development of the system, and you like using it, post the following link on your website:

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